Fishnet Socks for the win

How do you feel about fishnets? I know some people don’t dig them and some people do. I happen to really like them! Fishnets add an edge and a fun layer to outfits. They kinda push the envelope of style without being “too much”. Well…..they may be too much, but that’s the fun of it!! Haha! I love experimenting with the unexpected, and I kept seeing fishnets pop up in all kinds of street styles and grunge looks. I love them layered under ripped jeans and shorts. With summer coming on, I wanted to try the fishnet socks so I ordered several pair. I love them… probably more than the tights! They are so versatile and can totally change an outfit. You can pair them with: Converse, Adidas, Vans, heels, sandals, or wedges. Depending on how you style them, they spunk up a casual outfit of cutoffs and a t-shirt or sass up a dressy outfit!

Here is a picture of how I wore a pair of the fishnet socks with shorts!

You can find them at ASOS, Target and many other places!  Happy Tuesday!

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