VERB Hair Products

I am a fan of dry shampoo…I have thick hair that holds curl, so I don’t really like to wash it more than twice a week. Sounds gross, I know, but thanks to dry shampoo it’s highly possible. Last time I was getting my hair done I saw these products and had to try them out.

VERB Dry Shampoo, VERB Ghost Oil, VERB Salt Spray.

The shampoo absorbs oil while volumizing, but doesn’t leave the hair super gummy. If theirs a negative at all, it’s that sometimes I dispense too much. Ghost Oil adds shine and protects your hair from heat damage. The Salt Spray is great if you have curly hair, but if you have straight hair it helps add texture when you dry it. I’ve been using these products for about a week and a half, and so far I’ve been super happy with them. If you’re local, you can get them at AKM Salon, but if not, they’re available at Sephora. At $14 a piece, they’re worth a try!

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