Style doesn’t necessarily have to cost more

Style is how something is presented. I could ask three people to take the same shirt, and they would probably style it three different ways. Style and money don’t always go hand in hand. As a teenager ( & because I don’t buy most of my own clothes), I’ve watched and tried to learn about how to style different pieces. A lot of times people style pieces based on comfort, ease, what activity they are doing, their job, weather, and the influences of people around them. Some styles just come naturally to certain people, and style should be a personality match. With that being said, sometimes I love to shop at a vintage store for two reasons: 1. things are generally cheaper 2. things are usually unique pieces. This outfit is a mix of a shirt from a brand new boutique (that’s becoming one of my favorites) and pants from a resale store that cost around $8. The outfit is under $50 (minus the belt I borrowed from my mom). So, don’t think you have to spend a bunch of money to have style. On the contrary, with style, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money.


Photos by Elizabeth Williams

IMG_5951 (1)

Vintage pants with new top


Vintage pants with new top


Vintage pants with new top

Spring Fling

Spring Fling


PrAna red shirt

Balenciaga Yellow jacket

Roberto Cavalli jeans
$1,240 –

Party clutch
$36 –

Kate spade jewelry

Bracelet watch
$55 –

Lancôme lancome lipstick

Beauty product

White Caged Mesh Top and Black Tassel Pants

These pictures are from a gorgeous day in February! Below are links to shop this look!!

Black Tassel Pants   Mesh Top   White Mesh Top   White Bralette   Nude Heels   Blue Tassel Earrings

photos by Elizabeth Williams


White mesh top with white crop top

kinlee nalley

White mesh top with white crop top


White mesh top with white crop top and black tassel pants


White mesh cage top with white crop top

unnamed (3)

Mesh cage top with white crop top


White mesh top with white crop top and black tassel pants

Overall on Overalls

I’m the type of person that keeps clothes in my closet as long as they still fit. Rarely, do I get rid of something because it’s out of style, unless its REALLY out of style, and I’m sure it isn’t coming back. Overalls seem to always be relevant. I’ve had a white pair for 2-3 years.  After seeing that they’re still “in”, I pulled mine back out and found a way to make them current.

I styled mine with an off the shoulder blouse and black booties to spice things up and feel like I was dressed up. The awesome thing about overalls is that they literally can be styled so many different ways depending on the day and your mood. Dressed up like my look, or styled in a casual way, you can’t go wrong.  Here are some suggestions:

Overalls (boyfriend or skinny) with a plain t-shirt and a beanie or ball cap. Add sneakers or Birks and you are set.

Overall shorts with tights, shirt, scarf, and add either platforms or booties.

Denim on denim is awesome with overalls too! Try leaving the whole bib or one strap of the overalls down for some drama.

If you’re brave, you can try a bralette with overalls or an overall dress.

To dress up overalls, try a crisp collared shirt and add a blazer or denim jacket over that for a sleeker style.

The thing I love about overalls is that you can wear sandals, heels, sneakers, or booties with them. They are so versatile. The same pair can look drastically different depending on how you style them. Another thing I love is that I already owned a pair and didn’t have to buy something new!! If you don’t have a pair, they are a good investment. If you do, then play around with them and come up with a version that is perfect for you!