What holds you back?

It seems like a lot of times there’s something that can hold us back from chasing a dream. The little thing is like an echo in our head that comes and goes. It may be a fear of failure, the feeling of a time crunch, or worry about what others will think. The “thing” (as I’ll refer to it) can and has caused a lot of people to lay down their dreams and pick up something else….something safer. The “thing” can affect every aspect of our life if we allow it to. The good news is that you don’t have to be held back by anything!! This world is a giant canvas and desires that are placed in your hearts and minds are there for a reason.

  1. Don’t ask permission to be yourself!! Just honestly be yourself. DO NOT compare yourself to others. You will lose in your mind more than half of the time if you do that.
  2. Don’t wait around for the perfect time! There may not be a perfect time. Some times may be more optimal than others, but there’s never a perfect time. Something will always come up.
  3. Remember that hard work will trump talent a lot of the time! You need to be willing to work hard for things.
  4. What you feel about a certain thing today may not be how you will feel about it next week. It’s okay to try something and then decide it’s not a good fit for you. At least you will gain experience from the effort of trying. Know when to say when and when to keep going.
  5. Don’t expect your results to be instantaneous. Good things take time!!
  6. Have fun!! Seriously, have fun with whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

What holds you back from trying new things? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

This post isn’t fashion related, but it was on my mind today! Happy Saturday!!


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